Hello fella! Im back!
So why im back here, Im here to write about new game that we made... but you know "we" is not for our Slothink Studio member, why? so... I had come to an event that basically is event to make a game in 2 day it's called Global Game Jam, some of you maybe know what's that, and at there I meet some strangers... and then made this game for presenting in GGJ. as you know in this game I just create some art asset and helping a litle script.

This was not even my design, I just give a litle help and give some idea too, but basically we made it together. And we working together to create a litle mystery horror puzzle gameplay with theme "waves" as the theme of GGJ17. so what's Outcandle is if you're asking.

Outcandle ― "A mystery, horror, and puzzle game about girl trapped in the chasm, she must find a way with a single candle that can help her lead to see a way out from deep abyss (actually just underground room with trap), but she's not alone. She can hear a dangerous soundwave".

And then after GGJ17 is over, I fix some of bug that still exist from demo that we've share it in global game jam sites. and because some bored time that I have, so I add some features that actually not too necessary.
so what features that I add in this game after realeasing demo?


  • Fix Candle Bug
Oh yes this game still have some bug but dont worry i've fix them all.
  • Add Difficulty Easy,Normal,Hard 
Okay so why I make this game have a difficulty level? of course to make this game more challenging.
and this's what i've put in every stage in different level.
  • Easy : Standard
  • Medium : + 2 Trap + 1 chest
  • Hard   : + 2 Trap + 1 Ghost + 1 Chest

And this feature will be placed in title screen in next update.
  • Add Tip in each Level.
We're actually planing this since first time but, time move so fast in 2 day, so we forgot about this feature, because of that i put that in this currently game.

  • Add Actor Face expression when get damaged or get chest.
Remember I say "features that not too necessary"? yup, so in this version I add actor face expression,
it will have cry face and happy face depending on her situatuion.

  • Improving GameOver.
Same as before but just give some detailing.

  • Improving Title Screen. 
You can see that on first image. that'll be this new title screen.

Yeah so it's near end, but okay I have write so much word after all, and I hope this update will make this game more awesome to play, because I feel my self this game have good feel touch in the hearth.

and if you're interesting in this project you can download this game in game Outcandle but as I say in this version still have alot of bug. and if you're patient enough please wait until this update version is release.

And you can find more information at this site : https://ppxweb.wordpress.com/

So stay tune in this blog and wait new update.