Game Info :
Title            : Suikorunes  II Gensofighter
Genre         : Fighting,Rpg (Not Yet)
Producers  : Slothink Studio
Duration    : Until you bored.
Rating        : PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Engine       : RPG Maker VXAce

Playable Charachter :


Name : Riou Genkaku
Adopted son of great heroes Genkaku. Holder
of true runes "Bright Shield" same like Genkaku.
Runes : Bright Shield

Name : Jowy Atreides
He's born in Atreides family, as a Highlanders He must
protect Highland even if sacrifices his bond of friend.
Runes : Black Sword

Name : Nanami Genkaku
Sister of Riou adopted son of Genkaku's.
She have small chest and small nose.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Gengen
a Fine Kobold Warrior from Kobold Village
He's Defense Mercenary Fortress under Flik & Viktor's leader.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Zamza
a Mysterious Guy who stayed in Inn at Toto Village
He decided to take journey.
Runes : Fire Dragon

Name : Hanna
He's live in Toto Village, he's seeking for power and
journey to defend his village before someone attack.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Rikimaru
a traveled Swordman He has huge sword
but have alot eat.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Flik
This handsome guy have a gloomy past.
a girls who he's beloved die when revolting an empire.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Amada
He's born in the middle of ocean. He live from ocean.
Dont fear with storm or whatever in ocean.
Runes : Unattached

Name : Luca Blight
Born in Royal Family Luca's has evil personality
He trated other like animal and he's killed his family.
Runes : Unattached

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Credits :

Programer :
Theo Allen

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Sprite :
Suikoden II
Nuled By Dazz
Music :
Suikoden II

Movie :
Suikoden II

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