Hello, this my second posting about developing project "Rigelion"... today i have alot consume coffee i guess because alot of bug appear when customing this, and need alot coffee and sleep tho, to fix them all. but finally i can reach this, as you can see, i use awesome battle system from Theo Allen, and change litle bit about battle HUD to sci-fi style, special thanks to Tsukihime and Rikifive for help me to fixing alot of bug and sorry for bugging you so much 😓.

Okay so next things to add in battle system is :
  • Enemy Auto Reposition
  • Actor Auto Reposition
  • Add Help to Actor_Command_Window
  • Editing Window Skill in Battle
  • Editing Window Item in Battle
and changing some Head-Up Display on Map tho, like adding some sensor range sprite to Enemy Radar

Now, as you can see there's some different things on these screenshot with post before, yup changing enemy radar to add sensor range sprite that follow the direction of player, talking about the effect? nah! it just to create effect in order to like real things.

that's all i guess, i really waiting for your good feedback  😅.

Here's the changelog about this week progressing.
[C]hange Log 30/11/2016
Adding Enemy Status Window
Adding new Party Guest Script for (Pilot and Copilot)

Fixing Window Status (hide after Surrender, and show it back)
Fixing Window Help (change position to middle)
Fixing Enemy Status Window (Optimizing Refresh and Update)
Fixing Battle Status Window (Optimizing Refresh and Update)
Fixing Enemy Status Window (Text Coordinates overflow)
Fixing Battle Status Window (Text Coordinates overflow)
Fixing Battle Squences (Attack, Enemy Attack, Enemy Default Attack, Charachter damaged, Enemy Collapse)
Fixing Pilot Window (Optimizing for script Party Guest and Change it from member to guest)

Updating Database (Armor, Skill, States)
Creating Charachter for New Mecha (Zirendal)

[C]hange Log 01/12/2016
Adding Actor Command Roll (Configurating HUD and add background layout)
Adding Custom Icon to Actor Command Window
Adding Interact Notif Range + Hover
Adding Icon Interact in Interact Notif Range

Change battler_ava to battler_name and customization y index with notetag.

[C]hange Log 02/12/2016
Fixing Enemy Radar (Add sensor sprite)
Fixing Roll Actor Command (Show after next battle)

[C]hange Log 03/12/2016
Adding Cursor Icon to Battle Status & Enemy Status

Sorry for long post, stay tune and give some feedback is good idea.
here's potato for you🍠 and sorry for alot of "cancer" too.