First, let me introduce our currently project, so it's called "Light of Rigel" and actually changed to "Rigelion". Why? actually Rigelion sound much better than Light of Rigel and did'nt change anything in story tho, so what are we currently build, it's something like Mecha-Fighter Game and about post-apocalyps story in outer-space. and yeah it's exploration and survival games tho.

For progression today, I just changing some GUI, and customing Battle HUD tho.

as you can see this's old GUI in first design, and we're currently changing everything about this blue-metal theme to some flat futuristik style.
and about the battle system yes, now we're currently creating the mechanism and designing some HUD tho, after fixing alot of bug and  here the progress about the battle system so far.

Stay tune, and please support our project, and if you're interesting about this project you can contact me to team up with me to make this project real.